Sunday, September 12, 2010

Learning isn't just Monday through Friday...

Yesterday, we decided to tear down the only sunflower we were able to grow this year since it was becoming an eye sore.  We saved the "head" and I showed the kids all the seeds inside and how perfectly aligned they all were.  Then we broke it into halves so everyone got a piece and did what we could to get the seeds all out.  The kids had fun shaking their pieces!  Austin wasn't happy that there were still some left so he sat there and picked each and every one of those seeds out.  When we were done, we threw them in the flower garden for the birds!  Next year we're hoping to grow many more sunflowers since they're SO pretty!  The best part--the kids participated in a science activity yesterday without even realizing it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School pictures!

Today Mike and I took the kids to Searles and Lockwood Park to see if we could snap any "school" pictures worth saving.  I'm not that great behind a camera, but I think I did pretty well!!  Family can feel welcome to save these and print them out at home if they would like to!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

This week in homeschool...

Wesley has been learning about North American Indians over the past couple weeks.  This week he created a wigwam and also a teepee.  Tomorrow we will be working on different kinds of sign language the indians used to communicate.  We've been reading about Squanto, Pocahantas, and Captain John Smith and Wesley seems to enjoy the stories.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Austin is READING!

Austin officially started reading today!  He is so excited and proud!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wesley aced his spelling test!

Wesley took his spelling test today and ACED it!  He was so proud of himself!  I just thought I'd share this with everyone else  :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our first week

Today is day 3 of our first week of homeschool.  This year is a little different for the kids because there's a lot more hands-on learning, a new curriculum, and now they each have their own desk to work at. 

If you were to ask Wesley what his favorite part of his "school day" was, he'd probably tell you "book basket".  Book basket, as we call it, is just a small collection of books that stay in a basket in our livingroom.  Everyday, the kids have book basket time for 15 minutes.  They are required to sit and read or look at books silently, independently.  These books are changed out weekly for different books.  Wes has been working on his first chapter book, Shrek: The Novel.  He made his own bookmark and feels accomplished knowing he's already at chapter 15! 

Austin's favorite part of school would be his desk.  He loves having a place to keep his things, seperate from his brother and sister!  Closely following his desk, would be his art supplies.  Anytime he gets to take out his scossors, crayons, and glue he's a happy boy!!  His handwriting is turning out to be great!

Reagan just loves to do anything school related!  Most kids hate doing sit-down work with pencil and paper in hand.  Not Reagan!  She is starting to recognize letters and numbers and enjoys tracing and coloring pictures.

Our 2010-2011 school year curriculum

For the past couple of years I've created my own curriculum using the national standards as my guideline.  With teaching 3 kids at once, I decided this year to buy a prepackaged curriculum.  While searching I became frustrated at how expensive these were!  When I took a break from looking I received a catalogue in the mail from this company called My Father's World.  I thought it was the same thing the rest of the companies were offering and almost tossed it out.  But just to humor myself, I decided to open it up and look at the prices.  To my surprise, they were within our budget.  I then started looking at each grade level I'd be using and fell in love.  This curriculum is great and is perfect for what I hope to teach my kids! 

We officially began homeschooling this week and I know we're going to love our curriculum.  For anyone that is interested in seeing what My Father's World has to offer, please visit .

P.S.  I hope to keep this blog a lot more current than I have been!  It's time for a new family picture!!